If you are a big fan of personal development wealth education courses, books, and seminars, you probably would have known that great wealth education and personal development teachers such as Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, and Anthony Robbins have often talked about positive affirmations to attract wealth, health or whatever you desire. Is it true that you can attract anything that you desire?

To some people, using affirmations and visualization techniques to attract wealth and money is some kind of superstitious hocus pocus. However, many of these great create wealth coaches said that if you believe in the power of positive affirmation and practice them, your life can change for the better.

“It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean,” said Anthony Robbins.

So what are affirmations? Why are affirmations so powerful?

Affirmations are statements of acceptance that you use to allow the manifestation of your desires, be they money, love, health, or anything else. Affirmations are powerful, positive thoughts and statements sent out by you to the universe.

To educate and practice positive affirmations, you will need to eliminate negative thoughts in your mind and the things you say and do. Believe that you and you alone can have your destiny and desires manifested. It must be a positive, powerful belief with unwavering faith. With positive affirmations together with creative visualizations, you can create and manifest abundance into your life.

If you desire to attract wealth easily, then your affirmation will go something like: “I create wealth easily and effortlessly.” Repeat it several times while believing that you are already manifesting money. Start to visualize that money is already flowing to you and that you already have the money that you desire. Feel as though it has already happened.

While in this mental condition, keep yourself open to all ways and means by which money can flow into your life. It is important for the affirmations that you feel are appropriate to you. The affirmations must resonate with you or charge you emotionally.

Here are some manifesting money and wealth affirmations. You should compose your affirmations because they will relate to you more so that you can feel more for them.
a) I am receiving creating wealth now.
b) I have an abundance of whatever I desire.
c) All my needs are being met now, and I am grateful.
d) I have unlimited money and wealth.
e) I now give and receive freely.

Believe in your affirmations for them to work. Make your affirmations only in the present tense because you are creating your future. This is also because if you make them in the future tense, it shows a lack of confidence, and your affirmations may never materialize. Do not get impatient and expect to see immediate results, although you may see instant results, most of the time, it needs time for things to get organized.

Affirmations are futile if they fail to reach you deep enough to touch the limitless powers of your subconscious mind. Now that you know how to use the affirmation, use it often if you want to attract wealth and other positive desires into your life.